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HANS G. WERNER Industrietechnik


Dear internet visitor,

thank you very much for visiting the homepage of the company HANS G. WERNER Industrietechnik GmbH . The company is known since 1954 in Germany and Europe as a competent and strong partner in the business of heating and industrial technology. 

Here you can find a product overview of our two divisions - Spray Drying Technology and Energy Technology. If you need further information about our products or some assistance in finding the right products, please don't hesitade to contact us. Adresses and phone numbers you can find at the end of this page.  


Drying Technology

- Spray Dryer,
Spray Absorber, Flue Gas
- Trainings about Spray Drying

Heat and Energy

- Oil- and Gas Heating, Acces.,
- Heat Pumps,
- Photovoltaik and Solar Panels,
- Heat Recover

Equipment and Components

- Homogenizers, Filter,
- Separators, Powder Valves,
- Measurement Equipment,
- Control Equipment


- SDX-Nozzles,
Rotary Atomizer,
Nozzles and Systems for

Please contact us for further informations.